About Me

Python Developer

I teach python and other technical subjects

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Personal Stuff

Originally from Sugar Land, TX.

Built my first PC with my dad as a kid and moved to learning html when I was around 8.

Migrated to the DFW area and learned how to code at the University of Texas - Arlington.

After graduating I have taught python and developed curriculums. I don't plan to stop.

Other than coding -- I also like yoga, swimming, taking my dog out for hikes, playing or creating games, and videography.

In over 20 years, HTML has barely changed. Websites are still created on this same markup language I learned as a kid.

I believe that since large companies like Google & Instagram all rely on python. It isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

I love that python can be used for pretty much anything.
Networking, web apps, desktop apps, automation, and internet of things just to name a few.

I hope to efficiently teach you how to use your imagination to create anything you want.